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If vaping is your passion, you’ll love Alchemyst Ejuice, the perfect vaping experience.

Capn’s Oatmeal

Toasted whole-grain oats, swirled with brown sugar, sweet milk, and the lightest touch of cinnamon.

Capn’s Apple Oatmeal

Our famous Capn’s Oatmeal with Honeycrisp Apples.

Capn’s Strawberry

Our famous Capn’s Oatmeal with Ozark Strawberries.

Capn’s Banana Oatmeal

Our famous Capn’s Oatmeal with Red Cavendish Banana.

Capn’s Peach Oatmeal

Our famous Capn’s Oatmeal with Georgia Peaches.

Orange Chocolate Dragon

Citrusy orange cream enveloped in ribbons of velvety dark chocolate.

Summer’s Peach

Mouthwatering Georgia peaches swirled with tangy sweet yogurt.

The Arabian

Arabian coffee steeped with exotic spices of Cardamom, Ginger, and Cloves, with rich dessert cream.


Crisp notes of apricot nectar, amidst sweet Brooks cherry, and Honeycrisp apple, subtly spiked with black tea and chai spice.

Pan’s Bane

A toasty, creamy caramel, cavendish tobacco treat, with a splash of coconut milk.


A flaky pastry glazed with bittersweet Nocino walnut liqueur, bursting with velvety French Vanilla custard.


Sweet Honeydew melon mingles with tart Asian pear, kissed with tangy nectarine, and whiskey spirits.

What Reviews are Saying About Alchemyst Ejuice

'Absolutely divine. A true work of art.'

– George Mahler

'Of Alchemyst, I can only say good things.'

– mnementh666

'Brilliant job by Alchemyst'

– Vaping Reviews UK

'I’m not surprised to see retailers flocking to Alchemyst'

– Spring Lee

'All these liquids hit their flavor profiles damn well.'

– Solancea83

'I'm pretty sure yours are the best juices out there. Certainly, the best I've tried (and I've tried many).'

– Johanna Zielinski

'I have to say I was very impressed.'

– project_twenty50h1

'Very unique flavors that everyone should try.'

– krdr

Jump Into The Story!

Find out how each blend came to be in this mythical adventure of discovery and Alchemy.


With Alchemyst, It’s More Than Ejuice


    • Glass Pipettes – Exactly the amount you need, every time.

    • Amber Bottles – Protect flavor and nicotine from light.

    • Child Resistant Caps – Safety first, always.

    • Pharmaceutical Grade VG & PG – Nothing but the best.

    • No Added Food Coloring – Just pure vaping goodness.

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