Alchemyst Ejuice Set

The type of ejuice that you use can completely change your vaping experience. Here are the top four ways to find the best ejuice for you. For top quality craft ejuice you can afford, visit Alchemyst Ejuice.

Choose Your Base

The base of any good ejuice is comprised of propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin, known as PG or VG respectively. PG gives a harder hit to the throat, which is desirable to some vapers, but not most. It is also fairly common that people have a mild or sever PG intolerance. VG is a bit sweeter and has its own unique taste but provides a “wetter” vape, smoother throat hit, and produces much bigger clouds.

Know Your Nicotine Limits

Ejuice comes in many different levels of nicotine. Usually you’ll find it in 0, 3, 6, and 12mg strengths. Think of the nicotine level like the alcohol level in a cocktail: There is always a trade-off between strength and flavor. If the nicotine level is too high, it can cause light-headedness, or queasiness. Learn how much nicotine you prefer in a mix and check it against the amount that is in your flavor. If you prefer to vape just for the flavor, go with a 0mg nicotine level.

Research The Company

Have you heard of them? What kind of reviews do they have? Check their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, or other accounts to get an idea of what they are all about. Many companies out there have bad reputations, customer service, or just plain bad ejuice. Save yourself a negative experience and find a company that is right for you.

Pick Your Flavor

Finally, you pick your preferred flavor of ejuice! New flavors are coming out all of the time, so if you cannot find a flavor that you like, your selection will expand in a few months without fail. If the ejuice company is good at what they do, then you can usually count on the flavor on the bottle coming through in the vapor.

We hope to help you create the vaping experience of a lifetime.

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