The Arabian Ejuice

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Arabian coffee steeped with exotic spices of Cardamom, Ginger, and Cloves, with rich dessert cream.

  • Child Resistant Cap
  • Glass Pipette
  • Amber Bottle to Protect From Sunlight
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  1. Ken

    Extremely rich sweet black coffee with a creamy sweet exhale wow. This is an amazing coffee flavor.

  2. Dustin Bronn

    The flavor is so awesome

  3. Veronica Dennis

    I didn’t think I would adore a coffee ejuice, but this one is different on so many levels. Most of the coffee ejuices I’ve tried taste artificial, or like day old coffee sludge, not this one.

    Inhale – I’m getting a coffee flavor here, but it’s smooth, no bitterness. It reminds me of the coffee I had while I was in Colombia. I bought 2 pounds of their coffee to bring home and it was gone in a couple of weeks…that’s how good it was. I’m getting faint spices mingled in there as well, barely noticeable, but it gives the coffee flavor some depth.

    Exhale – still got that coffee going on, but there’s an added creaminess. I’m not sure if it’s the spices or the cream, but it has an almost nutty flavor to it now. It’s all very mild. The cardamom and clove aren’t very distinguishable and I believe that’s how it’s supposed to be with this one, as the coffee is just ‘steeped’ with these spices.

    I am extremely pleased with this ejuice. For an ejuice to actually make me want to continue vaping a coffee ejuice is awesome. The creaminess really makes you feel like you’re drinking a top notch cup of coffee at a fine restaurant.

  4. J.D.

    Absolutely LOVE this ejuice! It is hands down my ADV. Between this and Summers Peach my squonkers are busy all day long. :)

  5. Alison

    Very nice coffee flavor with a soft, pleasant aftertaste. First Alchemyst ejuice I’ve tried and it’s delicious.

  6. Billy Shrewsbury

    Love this. Sooooo good. Nice coffee hit..with a swirl of the after thoughts on the exhale. One of my fave ejuices

  7. Pamala

    It’s great ejuice

  8. Jesse

    Great ejuice

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Gotta have more!

This product is by far the most amazing experience… First order was two bottles, I was hooked! I looked around and couldn’t find anything close so happy to be back for two more… LOVE IT 😍

Coffee nut approved A+

I am obsessed with this juice. It has quickly become my favorite, and is by far the most authentic coffee flavor I have tried to date. Rich, smooth and creamy, with out being overly sweet or over bearing, no odd after taste typical of run of the mill coffee flavors. 10/10 I would reccomend this juice to anybody.

Very Simple

Simply put. This is the absolute best coffee flavored vape available.

Awesome coffee flavor

This is by far the best coffee vape I EVER had! If you love a good expensive coffee flavor with a nice creamy taste you will fall in love with this! I’m hooked for life!!!

Don't be afraid

I know, you’ve heard it before. You tried those other coffee’s. Do those other people drink Instant? Do they even know what coffee is? I understand you, friend. You want to believe this is going to be what it says it is, especially if you are familiar with good Turkish coffee. You are in luck – Because this is exactly like a good Turkish coffee without the grounds in your teeth. This coffee has depth, complexity and spice. It. Is. Fantastic.

13 reviews «1 of 3»

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